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Welcome to Your Seller's Success Story

Your home is unique, and so is Deborah's approach to selling it. Selling your home is more than just a transaction—it's the culmination of memories, dreams, and aspirations. Deborah understands the emotional and financial significance of selling your property. She is here to guide you through every step of the process with expertise, integrity, and personalized attention.

What Makes Deborah Your Ideal Selling Partner?

Deborah is a Listing Specialist. She is more than a real estate agent that puts your property on the MLS and prays another agent sells it. She is a true expert in market conditions, chief strategist in navigating competition and a skilled prospector connecting the community, buyers and vendors with sellers to achieve lucrative sales. She has the expertise in pricing, marketing, and negotiations. She is an educator and consultant, providing information that allows sellers to make the right choice for them. And she is seasoned with years of experience, having listed and sold hundreds of homes, navigating transactions from launching through contingency periods to closing. 
Learn about some details that sets Deborah apart from the rest.


Tailored Discovery

To sell your home and have a stress free transaction you need to connect with the right broker who prioritizes your interests. Your satisfaction is Deborah’s top priority. Beginning with an initial consultation to understand your personal goals Deborah will help you get top dollar in any market while simultaneously easing you through an emotional life transition. She takes the time to truly understand your timeframe, your wants, needs, and vision to help you turn the page and begin your next chapter. In addition, you will be enlightened about essential forms and disclosures, including the Exclusive Listing Agreement, to ensure clarity and understanding before proceeding. You will be offered comprehensive insights into current market conditions, providing valuable context for decision making, learn about Buyer preferences etc. as well as the current value of your home. Such discovery and insight will continue throughout the entire process all the way to the closing table.


Dedicated Advocate and Partner

Throughout this journey, you're not alone. Think of Deborah as more than just a representative; she is your dedicated advocate and partner, committed to your best interests every step of the way. She’ll listen intently to your needs, negotiate fiercely on your behalf, navigate complexities, mitigate issues etc all with your goals in mind. Your understanding, your satisfaction and your success are her top priorities, making Deborah not just your Seller’s agent but your trusted ally in achieving a lucrative sale. Selling your home can be complex so selecting the ideal broker is paramount. It’s crucial to find the perfect advocate to represent YOU as well as your property. From the initial consultation to the final closing,

Deborah ensures that every step taken is in your favor rather than just closing a transaction. She makes sure she gives you the unparalleled level of service, confidentiality, loyalty and representation you deserve. This is critical when trying to get the most value for your property. Your success is her success, and she’s committed to exceeding your expectations every time.



Deborah regularly communicates with each client. No radio silence after the agreement is signed. It’s imperative to update you on your property’s interest and activity, to enlighten you to new competing inventory, to alert you to comparable sales and to keep you on point with the ever-changing markets. Such information is crucial in helping strategize pricing etc. and attractively positioning your property in the marketplace. Deborah is present at every showing to make sure no Buyer walks away with questions and to also be able to give you accurate feedback from the tour. She updates you immediately with said feedback and again after she speaks with the Buyer’s broker to inquire about interest. You will know every pro and con from a Buyer’s perspective and never wonder what is going on. Through fostering transparent communication, Deborah cultivates a collaborative dialogue that empowers all stakeholders to make well-informed decisions, ultimately leading to fruitful transactions on your behalf.


Comprehensive Property Insight

Deborah dives deep into every detail of your property, conducting extensive due diligence to uncover all essential information. From permitting details to build history/improvement info and variances to utility locations, she leaves no stone unturned. Understanding property boundaries, zoning regulations, and site plans ensures clarity. The list goes on. Deborah’s goal? Knowing the intricacies of your property so no Buyer leaves with unanswered questions.


Concierge Excellence

Elevate your selling experience with Deborah’s concierge-like services. From staging to cleanup, Deborah coordinates expert assistance in preparing your home for sale and helping you move on to the next chapter. Need help with redecoration, decluttering etc? Consider it done. Need help with movers or packers? Done. She assists with cleaning, interior design, landscaping and any improvements prior to launching as well as cleanup, removal, donations, and final touch-ups before closing, even facilitating estate sales. Let her handle the details, leaving you free to focus on your next chapter.


Timing and Listing Architect

You will benefit from Deborah’s guidance with property concerns to ensure realistic expectations and optimal outcomes. Deborah skillfully anticipates buyer anxiety and leverages her expertise to overcome issues before they arise. Additionally she is proactive and creative with ‘special attributes’ in a property. She also meticulously analyzes market dynamics helping her craft a listing strategy that prudently positions your property to entice qualified buyers, ensuring a competitive advantage. Deborah also guides her Sellers on how to attract the right buyer and attain the highest sales price by educating them on the most strategic time to list to take advantage of hot markets as well as those that change with the seasons.


Pricing Expert

You will benefit from Deborah’s guidance on pricing. It’s crucial to avoid the pitfall of inflating prices to secure a listing. Nothing is more disheartening than a seller envisioning a substantial profit only to realize a significant loss due to unrealistic pricing. Together, you and Deborah navigate the complexities of the market, aiming for precision in pricing that maximizes value and minimizes disappointment. She will conduct complimentary market analyses and home valuations, initiating the process at the outset and providing monthly updates if the property remains unsold. Her commitment? Ensuring sellers understand the market they are in and make informed decisions that lead to successful, satisfying, lucrative transactions.

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Seamless Responsibility Management

Discover the distinct advantages of partnering with an intimate, boutique broker. Say goodbye to stress with Deborah’s comprehensive approach to shouldering all responsibilities. She handles every aspect of the process, from preparation, due diligence and marketing to showings, contract negotiations and deal obstacle mitigations. Working closely with inspectors, attorneys, lenders, and appraisers, Deborah ensures all necessary information is satisfied and in place for a smooth transaction. Need permits or variances? Deborah will liaise with town, state, and federal departments, ensuring a hassle-free closing. Rest assured that Deborah has you covered.


Skilled Negotiator

Negotiating the sale of a home can be complex, but with Deborah’s expertise, you can feel confident in achieving your goals. Once you receive an offer, Deborah will skillfully translate it and help you negotiate to ensure you get the very best deal possible. She will provide the Buyer’s agent with a trend analysis to prove the value of your property and will negotiate all contingencies to protect you. And once you accept an offer, Deborah will guide you through the inspections processes and help you remedy or renegotiate any issues or concerns that may arise so you can move forward comfortably with peace of mind. Through transparent communication and collaborative dialogue, Deborah will empower you to make well-informed decisions every step of the way, ultimately leading to a prosperous sale.


Next-Level Marketing

Take advantage of tailored marketing solutions based on individual needs, Deborah provides adaptable and expandable personalized strategies to exceed expectations and achieve real estate goals. She ensures clients receive unparalleled exposure and competitive advantage. Leveraging a global network cultivated from diverse experiences, Deborah provides a distinct edge accessing premier opportunities worldwide. Utilizing innovative marketing strategies such as captivating photography, immersive HD tours, personalized property websites, emotion-driven films and videos, a robust online presence, social media buzz, strategic events, targeted outreach, and digital advertising, she showcases properties to the right audience, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement in today's competitive market.

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Market Mastery

Deborah possesses an in-depth and continually advancing understanding of local, national, and global markets and trends. Being able to interpret trend analysis is imperative as supply and demand, prices, demographics, preferences, and other factors affect the performance of real estate properties. And it helps her to better understand to whom she targets markets in an ever-changing industry. In addition, it’s crucial to stay updated on economic policies, currency exchange rates and international investment trends that may impact real estate markets. Fluctuations can significantly affect the profitability of a transaction, while international trends can shape the demand and supply dynamics of a market. 

Your satisfaction is Deborah’s ultimate goal, and she celebrates each successful sale as a testament to your partnership and your trust in her. Whether you're upsizing/downsizing, relocating, or moving on to new adventures, Deborah is here to help you close this chapter and confidently embark on the next.

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